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How our products are produced

Comfort, social responsibility and sustainability make up our DNA.


Anatomic Gel Technologies



Our leather is handcrafted and natural dyed. It does not contain chromium and all the chemicals used in the process are originated from a water-based technology. This system gives the greater softness, silkiness, resistance and durability to the product.



We only use certified biodegradable insoles. The inner is exclusively made of Biolatex, a biodegradable material that can be recycled. A smart and sustainable alternative for the traditional PU and E.V.A., which take near 100 years to be decomposed in nature.



We were pioneers in the footwear market to use genuine soft soles. Perfect alchemy between pure gel latex rubber and technical design. Our soles do not receive chemicals which guarantees them greater resistance and flexibility.



Our packages are made of recycled material with certified reforestation wood.


  • 360º
  • Air Pump
  • Authentic
  • Carpediem
  • Relax