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We are Anatomicgel


Our product is the result of conscious choices. We work hard to create shoes that improves our values.


Comfort, social responsibility and sustainability make up our DNA.

Shoemaker making an Anatomic Gel footwear


Anatomic Gel offers the worldwide market an exclusive footwear with the highest technology in comfort and quality and a unique style since its foundation in 1996 by José Rosa Jacomete (Zuza).


Each season our design team are qualified to develop and produce new styles with high technology and strong sustainability characteristics. Nowadays 98% of all our production chain is aligned with eco eficiency principles that regulates global market.


This values and attributes synergy are in our soul. It’s a result of continuous investments in our greatest asset wich are the people.


We are the Anatomic Gel Company made of people who dream and who realize dreams.


Anatomic Gel Workers

We always offer to the market a value-added comfort product. We want to be human. We want to have quality of life and provide quality of life for our team and customers. This is our real brand, this is Anatomic Gel!